reviews Henrik Æ. Pedersen of The lfower of the European orchid - Form and functionHenrik Æ. Pedersen in Orchid Research Newsletter (Kew Gardens)
“This is a cleverly thought-out book that provides an unprecedented overview of the floral biology and pollination adaptations of the orchids of Europe, based not only on information from the literature but also on original observations that are in some cases quite remarkable. A high degree of stylistic consistency across the generic accounts, both with regard to text and illustrations, adds to the overall impression of an unusually well-edited volume. Last, but not least, the comprehensive selection of macrophotos that are both of impressive technical and aesthetic quality elevates this book to the level of excellence.”” The Flower of the European Orchid simply sets a new standard for photographic illustration of orchid books.”“…I wholeheartedly recommend this magnificent book to anyone who has just the slightest interest in the orchids of Europe, or in the pollination biology of orchids in general.”  PDF

review Simon Tarrant of The lfower of the European orchid - Form and function Simon Tarrant in Journal of the Hardy Orchid Society (Great Britain)
“Arguably, this book provides the most comprehensive account since Charles Darwin’s ground-breaking “Onthe Various Contrivances by Which Orchids are Pollinated by Insects” and in the preface Richard Bateman describes it as“an unparalleled account of the floral structure and reproductive biology of the orchids of Europe and Asia Minor”.”What sets this book apart, indeed its crowning glory, is the outstandingly superb photography, ranging from habitat shots to the use of microscopy to show incredible levels of detail”.”I am particularly impressed by the stunning pictures of pollinating insects with pollinia attached to their bodies as they move from flower to flower”.  PDF


review Matthias Svojtka of The lfower of the European orchid - Form and functionMatthias Svojtka in Orchideenkurierder Österreichischen Orchideengesellschaft
“Jean Claessens und Jacques Kleynen, two Dutch nature photographers and orchidologists submit with their new book, a milestone for the knowledge of floral biology and pollination of European orchids.With over 800 color photos, including full-page images plants, flower studies, macro images of the column and the flower-visiting insects, the book presents a never before shown completeness of floral biology of the European orchid species. Taking “The Flower of the European orchid. Form and function” in the hand, whether for scientific reading or admiring the wonderful pictures, one is reminded of the idealized image of science and knowledge of Alexander von Humboldt, who said that in addition to technical precision always the aesthetics of representation should be sought. Scientific data can sometimes be, and this is then a stroke of luck, not only right, but also beautiful, as the current volume of Jean Claessens and Jacques Kleynen impressively proves”.  PDF

review H. Kretzschmar of The flower of the European orchid - Form and functionH. Kretzschmar in Berichte Heimische Orchideen
“The specific nature of the interaction between pollinators and plants is explained in detail. This interaction is captured in many detailed photos which reach a stunning super-macro range; even light-and electron micrographs are included. This is where the authors show an otherwise unseen mastery.””It is difficult to single out particularly striking examples, simply because this book shows a perfect, continuous extremely high quality.”“In sum, this is an immensely readable book with a wealth of valuable information, wonderfully illustrated, a delight for every orchid enthusiast.”  PDF


Guus Urlings in De Limburger

“Professor Richard Bateman, internationally renowned authority on orchids cites the book in his preface as a landmark, a standard work for anyone seriously interested in studying orchids.”  PDF

review Martine Lejeune of The flower of the European orchid - Form and functionMartine Lejeune in Natuurhistorisch Maandblad

“Should one buy this book? Yes, of course! Anyone with even the slightest interest in orchids should have this book, no doubt. Can a book be a jewel? Sure, this is one of pure gold. In English? Again, yes, of course! A book of this size (and I mean not A4), filled with such unimaginable amount of energy and enthusiasm is not written for a small language (like Dutch). That should be accessible to everyone, for centuries.”  PDF



review Bertrand Schatz of The flower of the European orchid - Form and functionBertrand Schatz in l’Orchidophile
“This is first and foremost a very attractive book, where each theme is richly illustrated with didactical images.””Each genus is beautifully illustrated with microscopic images of a whole flower and of important details as well as electronic microscopic images of pollinia and pollen grains. It also contains magnificent photos of pollinators but also of the whole plant, flowers, fruit and various details of the different floral parts.””It is therefore a richly documented work and a must for any orchid lover interested in floral diversity. ”  PDF



review Gab van Winkel of The flower of the European orchid - Form and functionGab van Winkel in Orchideeën
“What makes this book so special are the incredibly beautiful pictures of habitat and the whole plant as well as macro photographs of the flower and the pollinator.””But the book is more than just a lot of beautiful pictures. It summarizes almost all literature on the topic and describes minutely the construction and pollination of every European orchid genus, with various appendixes, such as a list of all insects per orchid species recorded as a pollinator since 1860. ““A standard work, a monument!”  PDF




Form and function of the flower organs are the main focus of the new fascinating book “The Flower of the European Orchid – Form and function” by Jean Claessens and Jacques Kleynen. Illustrated by great macro as well as microscopic photos this important opus presents a comprehensive description of the structure of orchid flowers of all European orchid genera.



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